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Feeling confused by too many urgent & important priorities?
Learn 2 Powerful And Easy-To-Implement Priority Management Tools & Habits That Will Help You Consistently Make Faster, Better Decisions.

It's time to stop the insanity. 
Organizing your time, yourself and your priorities is key to getting - what matters most done - while feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed at the end of your day. 

Drowning in eMails?
You Are The Boss. Take Control Of That Inbox Of Yours!

Setup your inbox for success once and for all. 
Learn how to organize and manage your inbox using easy-to-implement rules and communication protocols to keep things simple and effective on a day-to-day basis. 

Is your file management like a dog's breakfast?
Save Hours A Day By Implementing The LeapZone 'Purpose + Place' Management System.

Are you always re-doing the same things over and over again? Re-writing the same emails or wasting precious time searching for files you constantly need but can never find? Learn to create the right folder structure and file naming system to help you find what you need in 10 seconds or less.

Only 7 spots available for this hands-on retreat with Isabelle & Margarita at magical Trailblazers Estate.

Early 2017 to start the year powerfully!

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See what Jaden Sterling had to say about his time at Trailblazers! 

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Reviews & Accolades

"OMG! The time that I am saving now per day is out of this world. I thought I was pretty organized...until I learned Isabelle's Purpose + Place Organization System! I was floored. I am so grateful. Time invested with you is ALWAYS extremely valuable and pays off 10 fold! My business rocks and I am on fire!"

Danielle Turner

Velvet Pumpkin Productions

"My experience at Trailblazers was nothing short of magical. Isabelle & Margarita are two of the most organized people I know. I now approach my day differently. I am more focused on implementing powerful systems which is transforming my business. I learned a ton and can't wait to come back for another retreat very soon."

Jaden Sterling

Jaden Sterling Consulting

A Magical And Productive 2 Day Getaway

Come spend 2 amazing days with us at Trailblazers to get yourself and your business organized like never before WHILE enjoying decadent food in a beautifully intimate, relaxed and inspiring equestrian estate.

Trailblazers' Intuitive Tribe Members

Spend quality time with Margarita (Equine-Guided Strategist), and her intuitive equine partners to deepen and anchor your learnings and own your transformation.

Leave Feeling On Fire And

Our promise is simple: by the end of your retreat, you will feel clearer AND more organized than ever before. You will feel jazzed and renewed about your business and inspired to move forward with gumption and confidence.


Margarita and I have been in business together for over 20 years. Our first business was a creative agency with over 20 team members - some virtual, some working together under the same roof in an open space environment.

Yup! Imagine a bunch of creative people, dealing with thousands of computer files, assets, fonts and deadlines. We operated in both MAC & PC platforms and had on average 65 projects at once (need I say more...)! It was a total nightmare, until Margarita and I locked ourselves in our small boardroom for an entire week to create (out of pure frustration) our famous Purpose + Place System. 

As a result, we went from frustrating chaos to well-oiled machine. Overwhelmed to clear and organized. Oh and...we increased our profitability by 65% in 6 months simply by being more purposeful, systematized and effective. 

Shall we get crystal clear and organized together so that you can maximize your efforts by serving more clients better, sleeping easier at night AND having more fun in the process? 


This retreat is about YOU, learning new soulful organizational shifts that will change the way you work forever. And, you'll be happy to hear that it's also all about getting it done together (during the retreat) so that you can get the help and attention that you need to implement and leave with a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

- Understand the power of AND have implemented Bubble Time
- Use the LeapZone BrainDump System to effectively prioritize your day
- Have organized your inbox using the LeapZone Triage System
- Have organized your files using the LeapZone Purpose + Place System
- Be able to see your desktop and know that everything is where it should be
- Have created email templates of your most commonly sent messages
- Have uncovered and released your #1 expansion prevention habit

- Understand your WOW Factor (client experience before, during, after) a sale
- Have the 3 most important tools setup to become a well-oiled machine 

- Fresh, organic locally grown decadent meals and snacks
- 2 nights accommodation at Trailblazers Estate
- 2 full days of working hand-in-hand with Brand + Business Performance 
   Catalyst Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte.
- A transformative Equine Experience with Strategist Margarita Romano
- Transportation to and from the Ferry or Nanaimo International Airport
- Countless belly laughs and hugs

​Please note: Horse riding experience is NOT necessary as our equine experiences do not involve you getting on the horse. All work is done on the ground with the horses.

$3,997 - includes training, on-site coaching, meals and accommodation
(Regular tuition: $4,997)

Join Margarita, the herd, and I for a magical couple of days filled with wholesome food, awesome company and pivotal organizational shifts.

Come Rock It With Us

It'll be awesome, seriously.