More Clarity Around Your Brand + BUSINESS Than You Ever ThoughT Possible.

The Quintessential Branding And Business Growth Retreat For Heart Centered, Passionate Entrepreneurs.

A Transformational private retreat at Trailblazers

At LeapZone, we truly believe in the importance and value of taking a *time out* to work ON your business rather than IN it. We know that getting away from your everyday, busy environment is key to growing your business. It makes it much more enjoyable, effective, and let’s face it – possible.

That's why we created Trailblazers Estate.
A magical 5-acre equestrian property on Vancouver Island, designed to help you accelerate your success through transformational branding, business, and personal growth retreats held privately and in small intimate groups.

Trailblazers Equine Experience.
Horses are experts in leadership and authentic living. Their wisdom and lack of ego is a true gift to any person wishing to grow personally and professionally. In fact, we find them so powerful as teachers that we have incorporated equine learning experiences into every retreat we do at Trailblazers.

Please note: Horse riding experience is NOT necessary as our equine experiences do not involve you getting on the horse. All work is done on the ground with the horses.

If you are in the start-up phase of your business: 
The Brand Fearlessly Retreat is strategic and tactical retreat that will help you set up your brand foundation right the first time. Helping you avoid critical mistakes that most small business owners fall into in the start-up phase.

If you have an established business:
The Brand Fearlessly Retreat is ideal if you are feeling stuck and unclear about how to differentiate yourself and grow, without exponentially growing your workload. You will learn what you need to ELIMINATE, ELEVATE, AUTOMATE AND INNOVATE to become The First, The Best or The Only.


Come alone, grab your business partner, or rally your key team players and join us at Trailblazers for some important strategic and implementation time to assess and elevate your business processes, systems, brand foundation and opportunities for growth; from the inside out!

The goal of this private retreat is to focus ON your company and your brand. To get you crystal clear about your promise delivery system to help free up your time, while creating more consistency and accountability to help you produce more effortless growth.

By choosing this private retreat at Trailblazers Estate, you are choosing to put you first. To create a great opportunity to uncover some potential blind spots, AND get clear about what you need to eliminate, automate and delegate to help you dismantle the status quo and build alignment in a fun environment with strategic, creative, authentic people.


The agenda is fully customized to your needs however, here's an example of what can be covered in a 2-3 day private Retreat.

    Solidify your Mission, Vision, Values, Brand Promise, as well as Uncover your X-Factor. (Your Secret Sauce/Money-Generating Edge)

    Create new money-generating avenues or map out the Content Matrix of a new program, offering or initiative.

    Establish your Unique Sales Process to more effortlessly attract AND convert your ideal clients. Organize your business systems and processes to create consistency and establish automation opportunities before, during and after a sale.

    A Trailblazers Equine Experience™ with Equine-Guided Strategist, Margarita Romano, to deepen learnings, and affirm shifts for long lasting transformation.

  • PLAN
    Create a measurable Action Plan + Time Line to increase momentum, focus and accountability.

    Assess and determine what done-for-you material is needed short and long term to help you effectively communicate your genius.

    Plan what marketing efforts you are commiting to do in the next 12 months and get clear on your daily actions/ritual to take your business to new heights.

  • 1:1 COACHING
    Get on-site assistance and in-depth 1:1 participation from Brand Strategist + Business Performance Catalyst, Isabelle Mercier, to help you get it done and done well, at a faster pace.

Ready to uncover your X-Factor?


THIS PRIVATE retreat also includes:

A BrainWerx™ Document capturing all notes, gems, insights, and recommendations from our time together.

Meals & Accommodation for up to 7 participants. 

Transportation to and from Nanaimo Airport or Departure Bay Ferry Terminal.


Of Trailblazers



The Quintessential Branding
And Business Growth Retreat For Heart Centered, Passionate Entrepreneurs.

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